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How To Preplan Your Funeral

Traditionally, death has been a taboo subject. However, we are becoming better at talking about our deaths and also planning for them. Planning for your funeral is practical. It makes financial sense and ensures your wishes will be carried out. Here’s a quick guide on how to preplan your funeral.

Prepaid Funeral Plans


Pre-planning your funeral usually starts with the purchase of a prepaid funeral plan. To get a plan, you’ll need to find a reliable and reputable funeral director. Just about all funeral directors in the country offer prepaid funeral services, so be sure to shop around to know what your options are. Take note, however, that the cost and quality of prepaid funeral services vary among funeral directors. As such, it’s important that you do your research before settling for a particular service provider. You can start by comparing prices and reading customer reviews and testimonials.

Why Preplan Your Funeral

Knowing that you are prepared for your death brings peace of mind. You can be confident that all the arrangements will be taken care of as you have directed as well as all associated costs. Pre-planning your funeral will also help prevent any disputes or hard feelings that may arise amongst your loved ones. Disagreements can, and do, happen amongst family members when they are faced with a loved one’s death. By making your plans now, you are saving your family from the trouble of having to decide everything and making all the arrangements for your funeral. Perhaps the most practical reason why you should pre-plan your funeral is that it ensures that your funeral is completely paid for at today’s prices. As with almost all products and services, inflation can increase the cost of funerals every year. By planning your funeral now, you can save money and rest assured that you won’t be inflicting a financial burden on your family.

Pre Planning Funeral Checklist

Meanwhile, before you sign the contract and pay for your pre-planned funeral, make sure that everything is covered. You should receive the following: Information about the funeral director Information about the financial institution who holds the funds until they are required Location of the service Itemised costs and all other details of the service Total fixed cost of the funeral If and how the contract can be cancelled Cooling off period A contingency plan if the funeral director goes out of business What happens if you move state or outside of the funeral director’s serviced area Find out more about funeral preplaning with Academy Funeral Services here or please contact us to discuss any aspect of our services.

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