Pre-Funded Arrangements

funeral-pre-planning-blacktownDoes pre-planning your funeral sounds odd to you? Well, it shouldn’t. This is something that many people do, and the process is done in accordance with Government rules and regulations. As such, you will have guarantee that the planning you do now and the money you invest will be put to the right use at the right time.

People choose to go for pre-funded arrangements as they do not want their family members to bear the cost of their funeral when they pass away. Thus, a Funeral Plan can be seen as an act of thoughtfulness and good financial management on a person’s part.

At Academy Funeral Services, we use Funeral Plan Management to provide pre-pay funeral planning to customers in and around Sydney. You do not know how yours and your family’s financial situation would be in the future, so, it may serve to be considerate and make provision for your funeral now.

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