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Prepaid Funeral Plans - Take Control For Your Expenses

Pre-Funded Funeral Arrangements

Does pre-planning your funeral sounds odd to you? Well, it shouldn’t. This is something that many people do, and the process is done in accordance with Government rules and regulations. As such, you will have a guarantee that the planning you do now and the money you invest will be put to the right use at the right time.
People choose to go for pre-funded arrangements as they do not want their family members to bear the cost of their funeral when they pass away. Thus, a Funeral Plan can be seen as an act of thoughtfulness and good financial management on a person’s part.
Pre-planning your funeral may seem like a strange concept, but it is both wise and considerate. When you pre-plan, you can decide in advance on all the various elements of your service. It will be a huge help to your loved ones if you have already laid out plans for services, decorations, casket, transportation, and all the other details that go into a funeral.

Take Control of Costs

The other main advantage of pre-planning is that it allows you to control the costs. The passing of a loved one is an emotionally distressing time, and grieving family members will not likely be in the right frame of mind to make astute financial decisions concerning your funeral service. In their grief and haste, they may opt for extravagant options when more affordable ones are available. When you decide on all the elements of your funeral in advance, while of sound mind, it will relieve your loved ones from having to make difficult financial decisions under emotional duress.

With the benefit of pre-planning, you can set aside specific funds to cover the burial or cremation, or whatever option you think is best, and ensure that it will be carried out to your exact specifications. Many different payment plans and options are available so that you can make all the necessary arrangements in a manner that works best for your current and anticipated financial situation.

The two most common pre-funding arrangements are funeral insurance and funeral trusts. When you set up a trust or purchase insurance, the trustee or insurance company will manage the funds and, at the time of your funeral, use them to pay the service providers you have designated.

At Academy Funeral Services, we use Funeral Plan Management to provide pre-pay funeral planning to customers in and around Sydney. You do not know how yours and your family’s financial situation would be in the future, so, it may serve to be considerate and make provision for your funeral now.

For more information on pre-planning and funding, please fill out the form on our website or give us a call. One of our experienced funeral directors will be pleased to walk you through all the available options.

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