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You have the opportunity to determine what will happen with cremated remains. Some families choose to memorialise within cemetery/crematoria grounds whilst others may wish to purchase an urn. Also some families may wish to place the cremated remains at a place that was significant to the person or scatter them at sea.

To obtain an accurate cost we suggest you have a face-to-face meeting with your funeral director so that all the options can be explained and all costs can be itemised, that said as a guide, an appropriately conducted funeral may cost anywhere between $4,000 and $12,000. Funerals are personal events and therefore each family will make different decisions on the style of service they wish to have. These choices will reflect the personal, cultural and financial needs of a family and can significantly impact on the overall cost of the funeral.

Every funeral firm should be able to give you an indication of what the costs of their services are likely to be. It is essential to ensure that, when various firms provide you with an indicative cost, they do so on a like-for-like basis. If you choose a funeral firm that is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association they are required to give a written, itemised estimate of costs when required by families at the time of taking instruction.

By law, all deaths have to be registered. This process is normally conducted by your chosen Funeral Home as part of their service.

You can change your mind although you should be aware, that if your loved one has been transferred into the funeral home, there may already be costs incurred with the first company and you will be responsible for paying that bill.

This is a very personal question and whilst a viewing can be perceived as an unpleasant experience for many in a calm and tranquil environment the viewing can provide:

  • Acknowledgment and recognition the passing of a loved one
  • A chance to say goodbye
  • Provide a strong support network
  • Provide memories that are often leaned on during the early steps of the recovery process

There can be many things that can impact on the timing of the funeral including religious beliefs, whether family members are interstate or overseas, whether a priest or celebrant is available, whether the selected venue is available. Do not rush your decisions or setting the date of the funeral. Whilst most funerals are conducted within 5 to 10 days of the death, the date of the funeral is entirely up to you. Provide yourself with plenty of time so that all the elements can be planned and coordinated without feeling any pressure. The funeral is the final opportunity for family and friends to honour the life lost.

The local procedures must be followed and local authorities will liaise with your funeral director while making arrangements for the deceased to be brought home.

The local procedures must be followed and local authorities will liaise with your funeral director while making arrangements for the deceased to be brought home.

Under the Coroners Act of 2003 Coroners are responsible for investigating reportable deaths. A reportable death is where:

  • The identity of the deceased is unknown.
  • The death was violent or unnatural, i.e., accidents, falls, suicide or drug overdoses.
  • The death happened in suspicious circumstances.
  • A “cause of death” certificate has not been issued and is not likely to be issued.
  • The death was a health care related death.
  • The death occurred in care or custody.
  • The death occurred as a result of police operations.

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