Funeral Services for All Religions

religious-funeral-services-blacktownFunerals often imply a number of religious ceremonies and these vary in terms of rites and rituals across cultures.

At Academy Funeral Services, we can organise funeral services adhering to Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Orthodox, Sikh, Islamic and several other beliefs. Trust us to do an excellent planning and management of whichever type of burial or cremation you want for your departed family member.

For Catholic funerals, we handle all the preparations for the three funerary stages namely, the Vigil of Prayer, the Funeral Liturgy and the Burial. We can also provide the required symbol of faith, whether it be a pall, the Crucifix or an open Bible. The rituals of an Orthodox funeral require a priest to hold the prayer and to lead with all the necessary proceedings. The body needs to be bathed, dressed, placed in a coffin and transported to the church in a funeral procession. Several items like candles, a wreath or crown, holy water, Koliva dish made of wheat and honey, etc… are also required. Our team at Academy Funeral Services will make sure that everything is arranged for and is available at the right moment.

A Hindu funeral consists of a myriad of rites and rituals which requires a lot of preparation. When a Hindu person passes away, the body is bathed, covered with white cloth, garlands and flowers. Hymns and prayers are sung, and several other rituals are performed and is finally taken to the crematorium, where the cremation takes place. After the final rites, the Hindu family continues to hold prayers for a few days so that the soul repose in peace.

At Academy Funeral Services, we strive to stay at the side of families as long as our services are needed.

We are fully acquainted with all the requirements and stages that are involved in many types of funerals, you can be sure to get the best services from us. Feel free to call for more information.

Repatriations – Repatriation is the process of returning the remains of a loved one to a place of origin. At Academy Funeral Services we can arrange repatriation of your loved one within Australia or overseas.

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