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What Does A Funeral Director Do?

Death is a part of life, and there will come a time when you need the services of a funeral director. Understanding what a funeral director does is important because when a loved one dies, sometimes unexpectedly, it can feel overwhelming, confusing and incredibly lonely.

Role Of A Funeral Director

The primary role of a funeral director is to provide emotional support to the family and friends of a deceased person. Grief affects people differently and it is a funeral directors job to be sensitive to the needs of those grieving and be flexible in their approach. Cultural differences must also be given consideration, so a funeral director needs to be mature, responsible and an excellent communicator. Working as a funeral director requires you to put your own emotions aside, so many people believe that the funeral industry is a vocation rather than a job. The first time you speak to a funeral director will probably be over the phone. They will provide guidance and advice on funeral planning. Some of the major decisions that need to be made include:

  • Cremation or burial
  • Preference for a religious service
  • Style of casket, cars and flowers + their associated costs
  • Date and venue for the funeral service

Tasks A Funeral Director Performs


There are various roles within a funeral home including embalmer, funeral arranger, driver and funeral attendant. A funeral director is responsible for coordinating all the various roles and overseeing the smooth running of the funeral service. He or she is available at all hours, every day of the year. Some specific tasks include:

  • Transporting the deceased from the place of death (private home, hospital or accident scene) to the mortuary at the funeral home
  • Preserve and prepare the body for viewing
  • Assist with paperwork and legal details (cause of death, coroners certificate, registration of death)
  • Placing notices in newspapers or arranging HeavenAddress memorial if requested
  • Liaising with and booking funeral celebrant, clergy, church, cemetery or crematorium
  • Arranging flowers Conducting the funeral and supporting relatives through the ceremony
  • Transporting the casket Escorting mourners to and from service
  • Preparation of accounts and final invoice

Funeral Directors in Sydney


Knowing who to call when you are grieving is confusing. We want you to know that Academy Funeral Services in Sydney is here for you. Respect and understanding are at the heart of what we do, and we do everything in our power to make things easier for you. We are sensitive to different cultures, religions and traditions and work side by side with you to make sure every detail is as it should be. Talk to our friendly Sydney funeral directors about arranging funeral arrangements or preplanning a funeral. how can we help you? Let Academy Funeral Services take care of everything. 10 Jane Street Blacktown NSW 2148 02 9688 7977 Call us

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