Our Funeral Planning

blacktown-funeral-planningDeath often comes unannounced, leaving people who are numb with pain to rush around to arrange for funeral services.

At Academy Funeral Services, we try to bring you some solace by taking care of the details and proceedings. If you have lost someone, just give us a call and we will do all the necessary arrangements according to your needs. We can do the following:

  • Note down relevant details and contact the hospital/nursing home/coroner to arrange for medical certificates and permit
  • Transfer the deceased from the location of death to our funeral home.
  • Help you with the necessary documentations
  • Assist you in selecting the right arrangements such as internment, clergy, religious requirements, music, clothing for the departed, type of casket or coffin, flowers and photos, cards, candles, newspaper notice and other needs you may have
  • Provide transportation for friends/family members from and to the church or cemetery
  • Arrange for refreshments if needed
  • Document the event if you wish With Academy Funeral Services, you don’t have to worry about anything. From arrangements to the performance of the final rites, we can handle it all. Our team is also at your disposal 24/7 if you need assistance after the services.

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