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What is the Average Cost of a Funeral in Australia?

In addition to the hurt of losing somebody you love, a death in the family also comes with a financial cost. The cost is necessary to cover costs for burials or cremations and the other services they come with. For some, this cost is difficult to manage, potentially adding further stress to an already difficult situation.

Regardless, the cost will partly be affected by two main factors, which are whether the ceremony will involve a cremation or a burial. Here’s a closer look at these options and what sort of costs are involved.


According to Finder, the average cost for a cremation in Australia is $6,046. This includes fees like the coffin, cremation fees, legal paperwork, a hearse and the service. This cost does not include extras like flowers, limo hire, and catering. As such, the actual cost of a cremation will vary considerably depending on which extras you choose, if any. This means you could end up paying significantly less if you’re on a restricted budget.

Cremations are often the go-to choice because they are usually more affordable than burials, while they also allow for a dignified service. However, some people’s religious and cultural beliefs might make a cremation unsuitable. As such, cremations are also a popular choice for people who have no religious beliefs.


According to Finder, the average cost of a graveside burial service in Australia is $5,161. This price also includes fees for legalities and essential services like the coffin, etc. However, one thing this fee does not include is the burial plot itself. You can expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for a single burial plot in Australia, making burials significantly more expensive than cremations in most cases.

However, this price will vary depending on where in the country you are and other factors like the demand for burial plots in your area. Some people will already have family plots available, helping to keep the cost of individual burials considerably.

You should also note that when you buy a burial plot, you are not buying the plot of land itself. Instead, the cemetery is letting you use the land for a certain length of time. As you might expect, this length of time tends to be decades or even longer, and you will often be given the option to extend your use of the plot once your time expires.

Some cemeteries will allow you to buy a plot outright, preventing unwelcome costs in the future. Not only that, but some cemeteries will let you pre-purchase plots with the cost spread over months or years, helping to make them more affordable. Regardless, if you speak with your funeral director then they will no doubt do what they can to make the funeral affordable to you.

No Service Funerals

In some cases, the deceased will be cremated without a service. The average cost of this option is considerably more affordable at just over $3,500. Bear in mind that this figure brings down the overall average cost of cremations, meaning most are likely to cost more than the average.

Reasons for no-service funerals, also known as direct cremations, can vary. For example, some people would rather not have their loved ones take on the financial burden of a ceremony and will look for the most affordable option instead. In such instances, it’s normal for the deceased’s loved ones to hold a private event to commemorate the deceased.

You will also find a range of other, niche funeral types that are growing in popularity. For example, there’s the eco-burial which involves burying the deceased in an organic pod with a tree planted. The deceased’s remains will then help to nourish the tree, ensuring it grows large and healthy and leaving behind a reminder of the departed.

Hiring a Professional

As mentioned, funerals involve the processing of paperwork which can be daunting, especially at such a sensitive time. Not only that, but arrangements need to be made which can be confusing and can cause stress, while there’s also a chance of making potentially costly and frustrating errors.

As such, it’s usually best to hire the service of an experienced professional to handle the paperwork and other aspects for you. Taking this route will help to reduce your workload while also ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day.

A professional funeral director will also offer their experience and lend their advice to help ensure everything goes as planned. And with their experience, a funeral director can help prevent any issues before they transpire

A funeral director will also take you through costs, what they cover, and what your options are. Overall, most funeral directors will help ensure your loved one has a respectable ceremony where others get to say goodbye respectfully.


If you would like more information on funeral costs and what they cover, then please feel free to get in touch with the team at Academy Funerals. We will gladly answer your questions for you and help you find an appropriate funeral at a cost that’s affordable to you.  

You can also count on our experienced team to provide a professional and friendly service and our team will understand that you are going through a difficult time. Regardless, we look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can be of assistance and ensure your loved one gets the funeral service they rightly deserve.

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