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Dressing For A Funeral

Black is the traditional colour of funerals and has long been a symbol of grief and grieving. However, in modern, multicultural Australia, deciding what to wear to a funeral can be difficult. Many funerals are less formal or have been pre-planned with specific requests regarding what clothing guests would wear. Some religions and cultures will also require mourners to wear specific types or colours of clothing. So, how do you know what clothing will be appropriate for the service you are attending? We’ve written this mini guide to help you navigate your way through this tricky topic.

Religious Funerals

Religion and culture are important considerations when deciding on funeral clothing. For example, mourners at Hindu funerals are expected to wear white, while at a Sikh funeral, both men and women will cover their hair as a sign of respect. In a multi-faith society like Australia, it is important to keep the religious background of the deceased in mind when making plans to attend a service. Usually, any special requests (clothing or otherwise) will be made in the obituary or funeral announcement. However, if you are unsure what is expected, it is always best to speak to the family. Speak to a friend or someone close to the family if you feel it is not appropriate to speak directly to the family. You can also ask the funeral director who will be aware of the family’s wishes.

Top Tips for Dressing for a Funeral

Alternative funerals are on the rise overseas and here in Australia, with services being held in unusual locations like beaches or forests. Colourful and themed funerals are also becoming more popular as the trend towards celebrating a life “ as opposed to expressing grief “ continues. If no dress code has been specified, these simple rules will help:

  • Ensure clothing and shoes are clean (we know we’re guilty of putting a suit back in the closet after an event without noticing a small food stain!).
  • Clothing should be ironed.
  • Dark colours are best.
  • Nothing too tight or revealing.

The best general advice we can give to anyone attending a funeral is to show respect for the family and abide by their wishes. Ultimately, conservative clothing in subdued colours will never be considered inappropriate or offend anyone.

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