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Orthodox Funerals in Sydney

For Orthodox funerals, Sydney’s Academy Funeral Services takes care of all five parts of the traditional custom. For the wake, traditionally held the night before the funeral, we will provide the ideal space for friends and loved ones. We can also hire a priest or provide your priest with all the necessaries for leading the Trisagion service. For the funeral, we can provide transport to the Orthodox Church and take care of all of the auxiliary decorations and features. We will help you organise each part of the event and guide you through the burial, funereal luncheon, and memorial service. We are among the most trusted funeral service providers in Sydney. Orthodox funerals require special care and consideration, and we will ensure your loved one is laid to rest in accordance with your traditions and wishes. At Academy Funeral Services, we strive to stay at the side of families as long as our services are needed. We are fully acquainted with all the requirements and stages that are involved in many types of funerals, you can be sure to get the best services from us. Feel free to call for more information.

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